At Cubotónic, we currently have a powder coating line, allowing high quality and uniform coating. Before painting, the product is degreased using nanotechnology and Convercoat HI-3 from the manufacturer Proquimia applied. The HI-3 Convercoat generates an inert layer on the metal that prevents corrosion and improves the adhesion. The final finish is a powder coating with various textures, with Epoxy Polyester powder and polymerization between 180º and 200º.

Powder coating is an advanced and recent coating system for products that require a high level of protection. It may be applied for both decorative and operational purposes. Cubotónic has implemented this coating system because it is a high quality product, easy to handle, high performance, causes no harm to the environment and reduces polluting effects. We are certain that we offer more quality through the products we manufacture.